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Data Recovery

  • In the year 2010, we recovered over 1 Million files for our clients.
  • We've recovered files for the local Police Force.


Graphic Design

  • Our in house Graphic Team are constantly ready to help.



  • We host over 350 Websites.



  • We have contracts all over the UK supporting and fixing large Cisco Networks


Repairs & Upgrades

  • We have a 100% Success rate of repair, in 2010 we fixed over 400 systems.


S.E.O / E-Marketing

  • Over 30 clients are now enjoying the benefit of extra sales being at the #1 spot on Google.


Technical Support

  • We support over 70 Home users & 30 Businesses in North Wales.



  • We have deals with various Nursing Homes accross North Wales, holding one to one lessons, as well as group lessons.


Virus Removal

  • In 2010 we removed over 16 Million Computer Bugs!


Web Design

  • Since the expansion of our sales force, Wpc Services now completes over 30 websites per month on average.
  • A high percentage of customers have gone on to use our "SEO" Packages - Not only do they now have a website, but they're near the top of Google and other search engines to sell their product.









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